It’s Not My Birthday!


  1. George the Gorilla loved baking cakes and making others happy.
  2. One day he made an extra special triple layer chocolate double decker cake for a birthday party. He had worked all night on it and was so tired that he had forgotten whose birthday  it was.
  3. It was a bit embarrassing, but he decided to walk through the jungle to see if it would help him remember.
  4. [A lion is holding a balloon]
    Hi Mr Lion. Is it your birthday today? I’ve made an extra special cake but I can’t remember who it’s for.
  5. ‘It’s not my birthday, George’ replied the lion. ‘It’s….’Just then George saw Ms Tigress and answered. ‘Yes, yes. It must be hers.’
  6. [A Tigress is carrying a picnic hamper.]                                                                                                Happy birthday Ms Tigress. Happy birthday!‘It’s not my birthday, George’ replied the Tigress, it’s….
  7. Just then George saw Mr Elephant and answered. ‘Yes, yes. It must be his.’                                    [An Elephant is dressed in fancy party gear.]                                                                                 ‘Happy birthday Mr Elephant. Happy birthday! ‘It’s not my birthday, George’ replied the elephant. ‘It’s….’
  8. Just then George saw Mrs Giraffe and muttered to himself. ‘Yes, yes. How could I have forgotten? [A giraffe is wearing a party hat.] Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to….‘It’s not my birthday, George ’ replied the giraffe. ‘It’s y….’
  9. Just then George saw Master Snake and proclaimed. ‘I’ve got it. Of course’                                       [A snake is carrying fizzy drinks.]                                                                                                       Young Master Snake. I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. Here is your extra-special cake.‘But, it’s not my birthday’ replied the snake. ‘It’s yo…?’
  10. And before the snake could answer, George sat down and started crying, as he couldn’t believe he had forgotten one of his friend’s birthday’s.
  11. Don’t cry, replied the other animals, as they consoled George. You haven’t forgotten any of our birthday’s.                                                                                                                                                   ‘But I must have’ whimpered George, ‘Otherwise I wouldn’t have made such a special cake.’
  12.  Just then George’s pen pal, Mr Kangaroo leapt out in front of him. ‘Surprise!’ bellowed the Kangaroo. ‘But it can’t be your birthday’ George replied confusingly. ‘I was in Australia last month for your party. ‘No, it’s not my birthday George. It’s….
  13. YOURS!…. You said you’d make a special cake for it if we brought along all the other party items.’
  14. ‘Mine!’, replied George in astonishment. ‘It’s not my birthday already is it? Oh dear! Yes it is. I completely forgot what day it was.’
  15. [All the animals walk George over to a different part of the jungle.] ‘You’ve been so busy thinking about everyone else that you’ve forgotten about yourself’ said Mr Lion. ‘And that’s why’ continued Ms Tigress, all of us are here to give you the best day ever, and a…