Are We There Yet


‘Are We There Yet?’ is a collection of 53 children’s poems based around summer costing just £4. Poems include ‘Disney Days’, ‘I Think I Need A Wee-Wee’, ‘Crabs Are Experts Brushing Teeth’, ‘Stop That Lollipop!’, ‘I Saw A Mermaid On  The Beach’ and ‘A Seagull Ate My Fish And Chips’.

Best suited for 4-10 year olds


Moo-Moo The Doodle is a collection of 25 children’s poems for just £3!
Poems include ‘Flipperty Flopperty World’, ‘We Visited A Rainbow’, ‘Quack A Doodle Hula Hoop’ and’Moo-Moo The Doodle’

Best suited for 2-5 year olds