The Day I Fell Down The Toilet – Review

The Day I Fell Down The Toilet And Other Poems
by Steve Turner

Published by Lion Hudson 1996

‘The Day I Fell Down The Toilet’ contains over 70 poems for kids which will make them laugh, think, and see the world from a slightly different perspective.
When I saw a book entitled ‘The Day I Fell Down The Toilet’, I instantly knew my kids would love it (and me probably more!) Indeed, this was the case. How can kids not be amused by titles such as the title poem,  ‘A Wee Poem’ and ‘Bottoms’.
The book contains familiar rhyming schemes and poetic forms as well as more creative layouts such as in ‘Other Ways Of Seeing Things’, where the poem is upside down.
My kids and I laughed continuously as we read the book, and our personal favourites -apart from the title poem – was ‘A Knees-Up With Words’ due to its wonderful word-play.
‘Poems For Kids’ thoroughly recommends this book.