What Is A Kenning Poem?

A Kenning is one of the oldest forms of poetry, and one which children enjoy experimenting with.

It originates from Anglo-Saxon and old Norse traditions. It is famously found in the Anglo-Saxon poem called ‘Beowulf.’

Kennings are two word phrases that are a replacement or substitution for a noun.
They can also be a type of ‘Multi-riddle.’

Examples include ‘Wave-swimmer’ to represent a boat, or ‘Ankle-biter’ to represent a young child.

My 7 year old daughter, has recently been writing some Kennings at school.

Below is one of her efforts. Can you guess what it is about before the answer is revealed?

Ice Cream-Eater

What am I?


by Cadence Stanworth

What will you write your Kenning poem about?