Stop That Lollipop!

This is another one of my ‘Poems For Kids’.

A Top Hat on a pogo stick
said it couldn’t stop,
and raced past me and all my friends
to catch a lollipop.

The lollipop on roller skates,
was that much quicker though,
and shouted from a distance –
‘Catch Up! You’re too slow.’

The Top Hat yelled ‘Don’t stand there.
Help me catch that lout.’
We ran with some confusion,
but thought we’d soon find out.

The lollipop whizzed down the street,
and shouted ‘Let me be.’
Then pulled its tongue out at us all,
and mocked ‘You can’t catch me.’

The Top Hat screamed ‘That does it.
I won’t put up with that.
I’m not just anybody,
but an international hat’.

We asked why we were chasing,
and what crime had been done.
The Top Hat though said softly,
‘I can’t tell anyone’.

The lollipop soon faltered,
and came to a quick halt –
before it sped away again
as fast as U      s       a      i       n           B           o        l              t.

We thought this was ridiculous,
and wanted to give up,
until the lolly climbed a wall
and totally got stuck.

We lifted up the lollipop,
and all of us went phew,
then told the gasping Top Hat,
this lollipop’s for you.

The Top Hat though was livid,
and yelled at us ‘No! No!’
What has this lolly done to you?
Go and let her go.’

We were pretty speechless,
and thought this was pure folly.
We let her go, but Top Hat yelled –
‘You’ve got to catch that lolly.’

‘But’ we spluttered. ‘But’ we gasped,
and wished time would rewind.
So if you see a lollipop,
a Top Hat’s close behind!

By George Stanworth – Poemsforkids