A Million Brilliant Poems Review


Chosen By Roger Stevens

Published by ACBLACK.COM 2010 – £4.99

‘A Million Brilliant Poems’ is a wonderful anthology of modern children’s poetry featuring some of today’s best known poets.

From ‘Who Started It?’ by Michael Rosen, to Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘I Luv Me Mudder’, there is a range of different styles to suit everyone.

My 7 year old daughter particularly enjoyed Andrew Collette’s short, but intelligent poem, called ‘In The Bath’, as it is shaped like water going down a plughole.

Some of my favourite poems include Ian McMillan’s ‘Ten Things Found In A Shipwrecked Sailor’s Pocket’, Andrew Fusek Peters’ ‘Last Night I Saw The City Breathing’ and ‘If I Were A Shape’ by Brian Moses.

The collection contains some fantastic imagery, such as the following lines from Liz Brownlee:-

‘Night holds them safe,
the cloud moon gleams
in the darkness
of soft breath and dreams.’

There is also wonderful wordplay from John Hegley in his poem ‘The Emergensea’, as sample lines include

‘on every Octofoot
he put
on Octosocktopuss.’

Not one poem disappoints, and every poem in the collection is cleverly constructed and worthy of its place in such a high-quality anthology.

I thoroughly recommend this book and rate it 10/10